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Key technology

Digital working is going to profoundly change the organisation of work, as well as businesses and corporations structure.
We have built a technological, legal and organisational key to manage this transition properly in the coming decades.


Network of services and tools in line with new ways of working, easily reachable and freely usable by workers during their entire career, so that to strengthen their skills over time


Organisation of flexible work (that is) focused on people choices and market needs, so that to maximise creativity, proactivity, collaboration and multidisciplinarity


Organisation of work and network of services designed not only in connection with businesses productivity and human capital development, but also with the impact on territories, health, environment and economy

Who we are

Team, shareholders, stakeholders

Founder in 2019 by Nicolo Boggian and Michele Zonca. A dozen managers and representatives from the corporate, institutional, university and association worlds are participating in the project.

The company signed various collaboration protocols with universities, schools of management, trade unions and employers’ associations, private and public companies. It also received endorsements from the major local, national, European and international institutions.

Nicolò Boggian
Co-Founder, CEO
Michele Zonca
Co-Founder, CTO
Simona Bertagna
Soraya Abo Abia
Claudia Rossini
Project Manager
Sara Gianfrate
Software Tester


Year of foundation


Organisations and universities we discussed and designed the model with


Tasks completed related to the development of the software

Digital transformation: from good to great​

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  • Software
  • Cloud
  • AI


  • Market agility
  • Customer intelligence
  • P&L


  • Labor law
  • Organization
  • Communication


  • Policy making
  • Sustainability
  • Purpose


Our products are designed to be suitable for every companies’ need and dimension

Cloud Platform

Digital Work City

Suitable for
  • Public or economic development institutions
  • Active labour policies
  • Companies that want to experiment
  • SME or Startups
  • Employers’ associations

Smart Working Accelerator

Suitable for
  • Medium-sized enterprises
  • Large-scale enterprises
  • Territorial or sectoral clusters that have to manage complexities and vast employees ecosystems
  • DAO, web 3.0 and platform based organizations
  • Creator Economy platforms

Our solution


It allows to define the compensation based on the required effort and not on the working time, wherever the worker is, in compliance with local legislations, adapting better to new ways of working


It allows to combine workers’ long term contracts with fluctuations in the activities requested, assembling single gigs into one contractual position


It allows to equalise workers operational costs and involvement regardless of their contractual status (company, employee, freelance, temp, hybrid)

Human capital

It allows to balance people’s desire for freedom, constrained by functions, hours, spaces and strict organisational roles, with economic and operational sustainability (for companies), giving the right economic incentives and gathering data and tools that maximise interoperability and innovation

Systemic result orientation

Thanks to the technology and a bunch of system rules, it allows for greater speed and efficiency for what concerns the delivery of private, public or impact project, also using, where necessary, multi company collaborations, avoiding improductive bureaucracy and low productivity

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